The Lost Days

WARNING: Darkness leaps from these pages because there’s always someone out there wanting to right a wrong …

Ho-hum. Fresh from killing his older brother and orchestrating his mother’s suicide, eleven-year-old Michael Romanov hungers for excitement. He and his foster brother, Dimitri, while away their summer evenings picking pockets in Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli Gardens.

Not for the money. For fun. For the adrenaline hit.

They take pride in targeting marks—always searching for one who will present a challenge. On the night that changes everything, they go for an obvious American. Surprise. The American and another thug snatch the boys off the main Tivoli arcade and shove them into a waiting limo.

The kidnappers want justice.

Not for the murder. For the suicide of Michael’s ice-princess mother.

When he protests his innocence, his captors retaliate brutally. For some reason Michael can’t grasp, they have placed her on a pedestal. The woman—biologically his mother—neglected him from birth. Yet these men speak of her with near reverence. Michael quickly learns survival depends on saying nothing about his reasons for hating his entire family.

Abandoned in a godforsaken Finnish forest, definitely worse for wear from slaps and kicks and lack of food and sleep, the boys search for shelter under the Midnight Sun’s unrelenting heat. When they stumble on a beautiful, well-stocked cabin, they celebrate prematurely.

There’s no can opener for all the tinned meats, fruits, and vegetables. Nor is there a paddle for the canoe at the lake’s edge. No maps mean no path back to civilization.

Then the scariest kidnapper shows up with a gun.

What kind of game are these predators playing?

Is there any hope Michael’s millionaire father will pay a ransom?

What if … he’s behind the abduction?

Fast-paced with twists and surprises, this story proves psychopaths think of revenge as justice.