The Early Years

A chilling look at what lurks in the dark corners of an eleven-year-old boy’s twisted heart …

Michael Romanov is genius-bright. Cute. Self-reliant. Inventive. Ridiculous to think he’s a killer. A killer without remorse. Or regret. Or guilt. Impossible to believe he’s a psychopath.

His mother would rather kiss a cobra than touch him, but he never complains about her calculated insults and contempt. Never whines about his older brother’s relentless bullying. Never moans about his father’s overt collusion and neglect.

Pushed too far, Michael retaliates. He pulls off his brother’s murder without a hitch. Requiring more excitement, he orchestrates his mother’s descent into hell with the same cool detachment. Success is giddy.

What’s next?

Keeping his mother in his crosshairs sounds like fun …