The Broken-Hearted Many

A psychological thriller that will keep you turning pages all night with every light in the house blazing. WARNING: You won’t guess the twisted conclusion.

A dead man’s evil lives on …

After a nasty mother-teenage daughter argument, AnnaSophia Romanov discovers her defiant daughter in bed with a stranger.

Fodder for the sleazeratti. Hell for Alexandra's younger brother and sister. They’re still coping with the aftermath of their psychopathic father’s brutal, unsolved murder.

Desperate, AnnaSophia calls the last person she should ask for help. The tabloids claim ex-cop Satish Patel abetted her in her husband's murder. He reluctantly agrees to deal with the deviant in Alexandra’s bed. But then, AnnaSophia makes a disastrous decision that leads to six murders.

That decision reveals a lifetime of lies, deceits, and secrets which threaten to destroy her entire family.